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Episode 431: Persis Eskander and Nora Kramer

This week, Mariann Sullivan talks with Persis Eskander, Executive Director of the Wild-Animal Suffering Research about developing more academic interest in... Read More →

Support ALL the Voices that Care About Animals

These are tough times. No one seems to get along. There is too much unfairness in the world. Sometimes it... Read More →

Episode 430: Garrett Broad and Uma Graham

This week, Mariann Sullivan talks with Garrett Broad about the challenges and opportunities related to diversity and inclusion in animal advocacy, how... Read More →

Episode 429: Erica Meier and Nil Zacharias

This week, Jasmin Singer talks to Erica Meier about the work of  Compassion Over Killing (COK),  launching the 10th annual... Read More →


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