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One Step Closer to Feeding the World

By Jasmin Singer — May 19, 2010

EarthSave’s Meals for Health Program is a “60-day intervention program where underprivileged people are taught to eat a healthy plant-based diet.” This new project is getting some big attention from vegan health professionals such as Rip Esselstyn, John McDougall M.D., and Jeff Novick R.D.

We’ve talked about the plethora of ways you can help animals, humans, and the planet  by providing vegan food to underserved communities. (Food Not Bombs has been doing that for thirty years.) It’s a direct way to work towards ending world hunger, since animal food production and world hunger are intimately linked.

Now, with Meals for Health, the movement continues. The program is being launched at the Sacramento Food Bank and the goal is to then launch the program nationally. As Dr. McDougall says, “We’re starting a food movement with the Sacramento Food Bank.”

This potential that this program has is enormous, and the media attention its already receiving is quadrupling the effect. The video that EarthSave has put together is pretty sensational, and inspiring to say the least.

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