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Party With Us On October 1

By Jasmin Singer — September 20, 2010

We’re baffled by how quickly our launch party has approached. I distinctly remember thinking I had loads of time to get this together, since the festivities weren’t until October, which was about as far away as I could imagine. And yet, here it is, the end of September, and our launch party is now in less than 2 weeks. Yet, as hard as it is for me to believe, we’re just about ready — and I truly cannot believe how special this night will be. You simply have got to be there!

Here’s the low-down: To celebrate Our Hen House, we’re throwing a chocolate and wine party at the uber-cool and compassionate MooShoes — NYC’s one and only vegan shoe store. The chocolate, which is my favorite-ever on the planet, has graciously been donated by the folks at Rescue Chocolate, and the wine is coming from the incredible Frey Wine. Speakers include Joshua Katcher (of The Discerning Brute), the incredibly talented author Victoria Moran, my newly-vegetarian 86-year-old grandmother Sherrey Glickman, and very special guest Jane Velez-Mitchell (from CNN’s Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell). We’ll be graced by the musical talent of cellist Elizabeth Glushko and singer/songwriter Jenn London, and at the end of the night, chef Laura Dardi will be providing a scrumptious vegan cake for us to feast on. That is, of course, after you try your fair share of The Regal Vegan‘s Faux Gras. Raw Ice Cream Company will also be on-hand with some delicious vegan ice cream.

Raffle prizes include goodies from: MooShoes, Our Farm by Maya Gottfried, Lula’s Sweet Apothecary, original jewelry by Ruth Santana, Kate Wolff/Evolve Accessories, and Roni Omohundro, pet services by Ariela Rubin, Vaute Couture, Dan Piraro, Sweet Cheeks Bakery, Lantern Books, Caravan of Dreams, Curly’s Vegetarian, Jenn London, The Tourist Trail by John Yunker, Victoria Moran, Cri de Ceour, Cynthia King Dance Studio, Klean Kanteen, Olsen Haus Shoes, Tofu XPress, Vegan Divas, Vegetable Slut, Daisy Dog Studio, Cow Jones, Linda Long, Bonnifide Designs, and MORE!

At the party, we will also be debuting our very own tote bags, which were created by Lion’s Share Industries and artist Razi Bhatti. 100% of the proceeds of these bags (which will soon be available on our website) go to the advocacy efforts of Our Hen House. Make room in your closet because the Our Hen House tote bag will become your very favorite one that you’ve ever had, trust me.

The amazing sponsors of the event are MooShoes, Rescue Chocolate, Veggie Conquest, Raw Ice Cream Company, and Lion’s Share Industries. I love them so much that I intend to name my next dog Mooshoesrescuechocolateveggieconquestrawicecreamcompanylionsshareindustries, or “Moo” for short.

Did I mention that admission to the event is free?! I know, we’re awesome like that. We really want you there. You can RSVP on Facebook, and find out more info on our party website.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the absolutely incredible pool of volunteers who have helped to make this event possible: First of all, I would still be at square one if it weren’t for the help of the talented and kind Robyn Lazara, who is managing both the raffle and the volunteers. And Susan Vancil, Molly Glenn, Jessica Mahady, Sarah Gross, Maya Gottfried, and Erica Kubersky have all been unbelievably helpful throughout this process. I’m also totally grateful to the rest of the volunteers who are graciously helping out the night of the event. To say we couldn’t do this without you is no exaggeration.

So, see you there?

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