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By Jasmin Singer — November 22, 2010

In no particular order and for no particular reason, I’ve decided to share with you a few vegan/animal rights resources that we think are just ducky. Obviously the full list would be a very long one (see our blogroll and organizations of interest, both on the sidebar, for a further glimpse), but these five faves have been on our minds lately, and so why not share?

Just a few of our favorite things:

  • Girlie Girl Army has been around for some time now, and is run by the gorgeous and talented Chloe Jo Davis. It’s described as your “Glamazon Guide to Green Living,” and has everything from the latest on vegan fashion (including some sweet deals) to my personal favorite section, “On Our Radar,” which offers a glimpse into news and tips on compassionate living. It’s funny because I always think of Girlie Girl Army as my “indulgent” reading time, yet I come away with tips, news, recipes… Sign up.

    What are your favorite AR resources?

  • Vegan Backpacker is a blog that only recently hit my radar. It’s written by a Canadian couple, Jill and John, who are “eating their way around the world in 2010.” Shit, 2010’s almost over, right? Doesn’t matter. Follow their blog anyway, and you’ll find everything from tips on vegan travel to giveaways to, of course, their mouth-watering vegan guide to various countries that I suddenly want to visit immediately.
  • The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life: Cruelty-Free Crafts, Recipes, Beauty Secrets, and More is a book that I don’t have yet (but hey, it’s almost the holiday season…). Yet it keeps popping up everywhere, from this in-depth SuperVegan interview with the author, Melisser Elliot, to about a million other blogs. I want this book. Not only because of the craft section (as I said, it’s almost the holiday season which means it’s time for me to make heartfelt and confusing “presents” for my friends and family), but also because word on the street is that there are tons of features on vegan women, and I just love vegan women.
  • Vegan at Heart. I know, I know, I talk about this absolutely incredible resource almost as frequently as I talk about my dog, Rose. (She’s so cute right now, lying at my feet all cozy…) Did you ever fall in love with a project so deeply that you wish you thought of it yourself? That’s Vegan at Heart, the free (yes, free!) online vegan coaching program created by Marisa Miller Wolfson. Vegan at Heart is geared toward people who are “vegan at heart but not necessarily in practice.” YET!  30 days with Marisa, and you’ll be sneezing out carrots. All you have to do is sign up (or encourage your friends and family to, perhaps as a gift to you?), and you’ll receive one vegan “mission” in your inbox every day for 30 days. Each task takes between one and ten minutes to complete. Absolutely friggin’ genius.
  • I don’t know where I’d be without the blog, eloquently written by Erik Marcus. In a nutshell: Erik takes the big (and small) animal stories and current events, provides thoroughly insightful and concise commentary, and publishes a daily blog. As we frequently mention on our podcast, we often refer to before we record the news section on our podcast.

So there you have it. Feel free to share with us some of your favorite vegan/animal rights resources in the comments section below.

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(2) Readers Comments

  1. November 24, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    In a bit of shameless self-promotion, I'd like to share my vegan blog: Cluck, cluck! :)

    • November 24, 2010 at 7:42 pm

      Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, Carrie! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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