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Vegan Chocolate Company Sponsors Dog Art Night

By Jasmin Singer — September 29, 2011

You remember Rescue Chocolate, right? They’re the vegan chocolate company that not only features a snazzy photo of a pit bull on the front of the wrapper, but also donates money to a different animal charity every month. We love them so much that we even made a video about them last year. And by “they” I mean Sarah Gross, the mastermind behind Rescue Chocolate, and also half of the genius behind the wildly successful NYC VegFest (which I also made a video about, this time for VegNews TV, and even interviewed the adorable and impressively articulate Sarah in it).

We heart — and crave! — Rescue Chocolate.

Well, here is reason #2043 why we love Rescue Chocolate so much that I can taste the vegan sugar just thinking about it: They are sponsoring an event called Pet It Forward: Dog Art Night at Soho Animal Haven, where, you guessed it, you bring your little Fido and have him create an abstract paw brush painting. You can also design your own dog tag at this unique event, which, incidentally, is in my neighborhood. I might just have to check it out…

Here’s why: BECAUSE RESCUE CHOCOLATE WILL BE THERE! Do you catch my drift? They are a totally vegan chocolate company and they are sponsoring this event that will surely attract most, if not all, non-vegans. And certainly these non-vegans will be hungry (because clearly they are nutrient-deprived — I kid…).

But seriously, it’s chocolate. And it’s really damn good chocolate to boot. What a brilliant way of spreading the message of veganism to animal-lovers who have not yet necessarily made the connection between their love of their dog, and the sentience of farmed animals.

Let’s all learn a lesson here. Animal shelters, and events that happen at them, are perfect places to share delicious vegan food — whether it’s through our vegan food companies, or just by making some scrumptious vegan cupcakes. Be sure to provide the recipe, of course, along with a “Why Vegan?” brochure.

And now, of course, I’m craving chocolate…

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(2) Readers Comments

  1. September 29, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    I really wish I could support Rescue Chocolate, however, their chocolate is not slavery-free. Please join me in urging Rescue Chocolate to change the source of their chocolate to one that does not contribute to child and human slavery. See Food Empowerment Project:

  2. October 2, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    Rescue Chocolate's couveture is from Callebaut, a company which is one of the leaders in the fair-trade movement. You can learn more on this page: Also, be aware that the fair-trade certification doesn't really mean cruelty-free--sometimes, the certification process is so convoluted and expensive that it puts a lot of small farmers out of business. Meanwhile, Rescue Chocolate is about to make the leap to organic cacao, which will be more expensive but which we feel is the kindest way to go for our children and our planet.

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