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Episode 501: Dr. Trent Grassian on His Research into Vegan Campaigns

-Mariann and Jasmin talk about Jasmin's move to West Hollywood and all the vegan food near her, HappyCow in the... Read More →

Episode 500: With Gene Baur Live From Woodstock Farm Sanctuary!

-Mariann and Jasmin celebrate the 500th episode of the Our Hen House podcast! This episode was recorded live at Woodstock... Read More →

Episode 499: Cheryl Leahy on the Impact of Factory Farm Investigations

-Mariann and Jasmin rant about how it's much harder to eliminate single-use plastics than it is to go vegan, but... Read More →

Episode 498: Nancy Lawson on Humane Gardening

-Mariann has an encounter at the gym with someone who wanted to eat meat at an animal sanctuary, Jasmin is infuriated... Read More →


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