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Episode 559: Adventures of a Farmed Animal Protection Lawyer ft. Peter Brandt

Before we get to the interview, we have a few things to chat about. Our big news is that Jasmin... Read More →

Episode 558: Black Lives Matter, Animal Activism, and Healing the World ft. Gwenna Hunter

First, we hear how Jasmin’s dogs and cat are adapting to upstate New York after life in LA.  The chihuahuas... Read More →

Episode 557: State Your Grand Intention ft. Jane Velez-Mitchell

Jasmin has landed safely at her new home in the Catskills and is bubbling over about the hiking trails and... Read More →

Episode 556: It’s a Dog’s Umwelt ft Alexandra Horowitz

Jasmin is still driving cross-country in the RV(egan), but will finally be getting to her new home in a few... Read More →


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