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Episode 471: Jasmine Leyva

Mariann and Jasmin mourn the loss of beloved New York City vegan restaurant, Souen. Jasmin talks to Jasmine Leyva about... Read More →

Episode 470: Kristen Stilt

Jasmin and Mariann talk about the effectiveness of emailing podcasts hosts suggesting they go vegan, and Mariann's renewed focus on... Read More →

Episode 469: Best of Vegan Athletes with Leilani Munter, Milani Malik, and Jennifer Hintenberger

Jasmin and Mariann talk about the 2019 versions of themselves, their thoughts on Our Hen House going into its TENTH... Read More →

We did it! Here’s to a Hentastic 2019!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who donated to our end of year campaign. We raised over $15,000,... Read More →


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