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No Wool, No Bull

By Jasmin Singer — January 16, 2010

I have this scarf that I absolutely love. It’s hot pink and black (welcome back, 1988 — I’ve missed you), looks kind of like a turtleneck’s neck (as in, there is no rest-of-the-scarf; it’s just a big warm circle), and, best of all, some vegan artist in England made it for me.

I got it from Vegan Etsy a website laden with crafts — vegan crafts… made by vegans. “We read ingredients,” the website boasts.

Actually, funny story: I was so into my scarf that I ordered one for Mariann, too — in custom colors, to boot. The compassionate Brit who made it mentioned the “wool” that she was going to use. “WOOL?!?!” I screamed. No, not wool. Yarn. Vegan yarn. Turns out some Brits, even vegan ones, say “wool” instead of yarn. Must be confusing for them to buy sweaters.

Vegan Etsy is a section of the bigger, not-exclusively-vegan website, Etsy. Anyone who makes any kind of handmade art (jewelry, clothes, dolls, housewares… you name it) can set up a shop on Etsy. And if you’re vegan, you can set one up and label it vegan, then join Vegan Etsy, and you’re in the money! Or, at least, next to a starving artist, you’re in the money. It’s just another nifty way to make a few bucks while supporting your cause. Lots of artists from Vegan Etsy even choose to donate part — or even all — of their proceeds to animal charities, so there ya go.

And, needless to say, if you’re not an artist, supporting Vegan Etsy is a really cool way of supporting your fellow animal lovers.

(Is January too early to start my wish list for Holidays 2010?)

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