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Episode 7: “… thoughtful committed citizens can change the world …”

By Jasmin and Mariann — February 28, 2010

Welcome to the seventh podcast episode of Our Hen House!

In today’s episode, we will discuss what’s mean and what’s green about eco-tourism. Then, we’ll talk about some meat-industry folks who have come up with a great slogan – one you’ll actually be happy about. We will also chat about the beauty of good old-fashioned grassroots tactics as a means of creating big change.

After that, we will interview filmmaker and activist Eleni Vlachos – whose film, Seeing Through the Fence – is raising eyebrows and awareness as she hosts screenings throughout the United States.

We will discuss the sad story of the whale who killed his trainer at SeaWorld, and the horror inherent in holding sea mammals captive for “entertainment.”

Finally, we will discuss Avatar from an animal rights and environmental perspective. Joining us for that discussion will be long-time activist and animal rights lawyer, Amy Trakinski.

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Photo: Courtesy of Eastern Shore Sanctuary & Education Center.

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