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Humane, Factually Speaking

By Jasmin Singer — February 18, 2010

One thing that we, as animal advocates, need to be armed with is cold hard facts. Lucky for us, there are myriad ways to come about these, since it not an opinion that animal exploitation is destroying the planet, plaguing humans with debilitating and deadly diseases, and treating animals in more egregiously cruel ways than ever before.

One resource I find incredibly helpful is, a “unique research website tailored to the needs of animal and environmental advocates.” Once your application for registration is approved (yup, you need to apply), you can access their database of research. Cool, right? You can browse by topic, do an advanced search with your criteria, and stay up to speed via email, too. also offers insight into effective techniques on how to apply research to advocacy. Here’s one I fancy: Using Stories vs. Using Data to Persuade People.

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Photo: Courtesy of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

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