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Law and Order SVU Goes Inside the Slaughterhouse

By Jasmin Singer — April 21, 2010

My grandmother watches Law Order pretty much religiously. That’s basically my marker for how mainstream it is, since I rely on my grandma for all things all-American.

Not that I necessarily even need Grandma’s input on this one. According to the media watch group, DawnWatch, there are no newspapers with as many readers, or news shows with as many viewers, as Law and Order.

Here’s why you need to know this: Tonight, the uber-populer Law and Order SVU will be featuring a story about the meat industry.

According to DawnWatch:

“Detective Olivia Benson goes undercover at a meat plant to solve the murder of a woman who ‘was filming an unflinching expose of meat.’ We hear, on the promo clip: ‘She was going to call her film, inside the slaughterhouse… Except she’s the one who got slaughtered.’ The show will air on NBC this Wednesday, April 21, at 10pm (9 central) so set your DVRs and TIVOs and tell your friends! You can post a comment about the show, before or after it, on the page that I linked to above. [This one.] Just click on “comments” and help get a lively discussion going. Please! You have to register to join in there, but that takes just a few seconds — seconds well spent to help give the animals a voice. Then most importantly, please take just a moment to contact the producers and let them know how much you appreciate their attention to this subject. Shows take their feedback seriously. Go to Then scroll down to the feedback form and choose Law & Order SVU from the pull-down menu.”

Here’s the clip:

Oh, and if you’re interested in my grandma’s opinion about this episode of Law and Order SVU, she will be giving it on this weekend’s Our Hen House podcast episode. So if you’re not yet subscribed on iTunes, change that, because you don’t want to miss Grandma. (Oh, and Gene Baur is also going to be on this weekend’s show.)

P.S. If you’re not yet subscribed to DawnWatch, do so immediately.

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