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Art of the Animal: Joy Askew

By Jasmin Singer — May 18, 2010

Art of the Animal is a new series featuring different artists of all kinds who are speaking up for animals through their art. Earlier this month, we launched the series with a glimpse into the provocative work of visual artist Jonathan Horowitz, whose current exhibition, Go Vegan, is currently staged at a former meat-packing plant in Manhattan.

For our second installment of Art of the Animal, we are nothing short of elated to bring you musician Joy Askew. Joy is a seasoned animal rights activist. In fact, I first met Joy while doing “no foie gras” demos several years ago. But what’s particularly moving about Joy is not just her music, and not just her activism, but the absolutely heart-wrenching way she blends the two.

I’ll let the video speak — or sing — for itself.

Art of the Animal: Joy Askew from jasmin singer on Vimeo.

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(3) Readers Comments

  1. Sandra Handloser
    May 23, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    Joy, bravo to you and Jasmin for giving us your Art of the Animal video. It is vital, poignant, persuasive, humble, eloquent, even ironically comic cinema verite. You give voice, spoken and sung, to the struggle to reconcile our double nature, the contradictions we humans hold and act from. It candidly and transparently expresses one artist's journey to make sense of life as she looked around her. "The examined life is not worth living." Living one's convictions necessarily follows. Joy, you communicate to many of us who wrestle with this confounding question. Equipped with knowledge to make change, we continue our cruelties. With exquisite lyrics that never fall to preaching you ask why. Your success weaving meaning into a life of ART in music traverses continents and cultures and will continue to heighten awareness and inspire hope in even the tough cynic, the hardened pessimist. I'd conclude your life is a life well-lived, with noble purpose and intent, clearly bearing a message of love for all living things. I applaud you. The video will go on my Facebook page. It will be emailed to all my friends and family. It will not fall on deaf ears. I am graced by our friendship. With admiration, Sandy

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