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Episode 19: “Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty …”

By Jasmin Singer — May 22, 2010

Welcome to the 19th podcast episode of Our Hen House, featuring Martin Rowe, Kelly Overton, and Jasmin’s grandma.

In today’s episode, we will tell you all about a perfect little doggie in Puerto Rico who we were lucky enough to help rescue.

Then, joining us will be the debonaire Martin Rowe, Director of Publishing at Lantern Books. Martin will tell us how his journey with activism led him to running a publishing company whose focus is animal advocacy and social justice. He’ll also have some important tips for all of you up and coming authors out there.

Following that, Kelly Overton of PATH – who is currently stationed in the Gulf of Mexico – is back once again to give us an update about how things are going in the near wake of the tragic oil spill that is already affecting so many animals. (Also be sure to check out Andy Stepanian’s Huffington Post article, “BP’s Greenwashing Can’t Clean Up Their Spill.”)

In our news section, we will discuss some truly frightening news regarding the effect that overfishing is having on our oceans. We’ll also talk about how and why Chipotle is under attack, and what that has to do with animals.

For our commentary, we will be joined once again by Our Hen House correspondent, Sherrey Glickman – also known as Jasmin’s lovely grandma. Grandma will tell us about some recent mentions of veganism in the mainstream.

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Photo: Courtesy of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

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