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Tips on Tape

By Mariann Sullivan — May 20, 2010

There are many remarkable people working tirelessly to rescue animals, often unsung and unthanked other than by the grateful nuzzles and licks from their foundlings. But even those of us who, while we may care about animals, do not deliberately set out to rescue them, are, on occasion, met with the absolute necessity of giving aid, right here and now, to an animal who needs us. There are so many animals in need that, even if you aren’t out there looking for them, sometimes one just happens.

An animal happened to us when we were in Puerto Rico — a wonderful, and pretty desperate, dog who is now named Tips. So, in addition to helping out in getting him to safety, we tried to follow our own advice and make him a star by spreading his story, and the plight of so many animals just like him, as far and wide as possible. Hopefully, in the process, we will also bring some attention to the wonderful rescue organization that helped us out, All Sato Rescue. Jasmin’s video tells the story:

Rescuing Tips from jasmin singer on Vimeo.

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