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Watch “Jane’s Fight for Animal Rights”

By Jasmin Singer — July 02, 2010

JVM is at it again. This Monday, Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of CNN’s Headline News show, “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell,” is devoting her entire hour-long show to animal rights, featuring leaders from some major AR organizations. She will be covering such topics as the Gulf disaster and its impact on wildlife, legislative reform to give farmed animals a life that’s just a hair less disgusting (which, sadly, is a big step), an update on a monkey breeding facility in Puerto Rico, and the truth behind the government’s round-up of wild horses. Jane, a long-time vegan — and author of one of my favorite books, I Want — is one of the few TV personalities speaking up for animals, and making sure that folks take notice and take action.

According to DawnWatch:

Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell airs on the HLN network at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific. Jane, a passionate animal advocate, particularly wants great ratings on this one, so please tune in, tell all your friends to watch, and spread the word far and wide. If you TiVo or DVR and watch it within three days the ratings still count. And Jane says those comments matter! So please go to either right now to tell her how excited you are about the upcoming animal coverage (which is plugged on the CNN website) or immediately after you watch the show. Your enthusiastic reaction in the past has helped make it possible for Jane to keep doing this kind of coverage, which no other major media person is doing on a regular basis.

So please do spread the word, tune in to Issues on Monday evening, and remember to provide feedback to CNN. By showing our support, we’ll be doing our part to give back to Jane Velez-Mitchell, a true hero to animals and animal activists.

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