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Your Time Travels (and So Should You)

By Jasmin Singer — November 29, 2010

The passion that activist Liz Longacre conveys when she speaks about her new travel agency is palpable. But “Your Time Travels… for the love of all animals” is not just any ordinary travel agency. It was created from an understanding that Longacre herself, as well as countless others, want to make a difference in the world, especially for animals. In aid of that sentiment, it seeks to create a central hub for travelers who want to learn how to optimize their trips for the greater good.

According to the website:

Whether you want to volunteer abroad with animal welfare projects (while mixing in some exciting sightseeing/adventure activities and fabulous hotel stays!), observe animals in their natural habitats through safari adventures, enjoy amazing vegetarian/vegan resorts, visit a farm sanctuary or travel with your own adorable pets, we can get you there! We’ll cater everything to your budget, your schedule and your furry feathery loving needs! We’ll never promote any activity or hotel that exploits animals, cages them for display purposes, or forces them to provide entertainment.

In addition, Longacre promises that they only use local tour guides, and they recommend travelers stay at ethical, eco-lodges.

In the March/April 2010 issue of VegNews Magazine, I wrote an article entitled “(Car)Bon Voyage,” which you can find online under writings, here. The article examined the ecotourism industry, including its sometimes ugly underbelly, and the multitude of considerations to ponder before traveling anywhere. The long and short of it is that many eco-tourism companies are not what they’re cracked up to be, often using greenwashing to manipulate unsuspecting tourists to buy their product and seldom taking into account the importance of diet in measuring your carbon footprint (not to mention your ethical footprint). Frequently, even well-intentioned travelers get played.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not another side, too. As my article explains in detail, there are many plusses to eco-travel, and amidst the riff-raff there are responsible companies who want to preserve the planet, and all its inhabitants.

To that end, taking advantage of the services offered by small, vegan-owned companies such as Your Time Travels is a responsible way of planning your next trip. With its enthusiasm for volunteer vacations helping animals, and the absolute determination to work with everyone’s individual needs, I think Your Time Travel has arrived on the scene just in the nick of time.

Furthermore, I just get tingles when I see passionate activists doing what they love, and feeling good about it. Liz Longacre is a perfect example of the fulfillment that can come with realizing your dreams, and the power that those dreams can have for animals.

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