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Episode 64: “We could have saved the Earth but we were too damned cheap.”

By Jasmin and Mariann — April 02, 2011

Welcome to the 64th episode of Our Hen House, featuring Jane Velez-Mitchell.

In today’s episode, we will tell you about a panel we attended here in NYC all about local agriculture. We’ll give you all the gory details, including the skinny on the 3 meat-obsessed panelists, as well as the one voice of reason on the stage, our saving grace, environmentalist James E. McWilliams. We’ll also talk about the recent vegan segment on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and we’ll give you the low-down on our very musical weekend.

Joining us today is none other than Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of the nightly show on CNN’s HLN, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell. Jane, a true ambassador for animal rights, will tell us what got her started on this path, and she’ll share with us her hope for the future of this movement. She’ll also be telling us all about her amazing new book, Addict Nation: An Intervention for America, which, as part of a no-holds-barred discussion of our various addictions, addresses our country’s addiction to unhealthy, unethical food. You won’t want to miss this interview with powerhouse Jane Velez-Mitchell. You’ll also have the opportunity to win your very own signed copy of the book, Addict Nation. (To enter to win, listen to the podcast, and email contest[at] indicating that you are entering to win a copy of Jane’s book. Please include your full mailing address. You must send your email by midnight ET on April 9, 2011. A random winner will be chosen and notified on the week of April 10.)

For our review, Ari Solomon will give us his take on Galaxy Nutritional Foods’ new dairy free cream cheese alternative. But be forewarned: This review will likely result in your needing to bake a vegan cheesecake pretty much immediately, possibly to be eaten with a bagel and schmear on the side.

All that, vegan banter, and of course, current events from the world of animal rights.

This week’s news items include:

“We could have saved the Earth but we were too damned cheap.” –Kurt Vonnegut

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