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DJ Luminous and Her “Vegan Artists” Mix

By Jasmin Singer — July 26, 2011

Remember when we told you about DJ Luminous and her Vegan Anthem DJ Mix? To jog your memory, UK-based DJ Luminous — known to friends as Louise — put together a “sound cloud” mix of 17 tracks by bands and musicians with a vegan message. I love this mix so much that I have it bookmarked on my browser so that I can listen to this hour+ of enlightening, catchy, powerful music whenever my heart desires — which is frequently.

DJ Luminous

And now, DJ Luminous is back with yet another mix — this time featuring Vegan Artists — from Sigur Ros to Black Sabbath. According to Luminous, “‘Vegan Artists’ features solo artists or band members who have all identified as vegan in interviews. The quality and quantity of tracks available to me was overwhelming. Making them flow has been an odyssey. It’s a live mix using vinyl and CD’s.”

If you talk to me for more than 5 minutes, you’ll hear me say — probably repeatedly — that the most powerful thing that we can bring to to the fore when it comes to animals is our own talents, abilities, interests, and skills. All we have to do is plug that into the greater good, and use our very own resources to change the world for animals. What DJ Luminous is doing here is unique, yet perfectly illustrates my point. She is using her DJ background and passion for AR (she is the former president of the UK Vegan Society) in order to create something fun and entertaining — not only for us vegans to enjoy, but for music-lovers of all backgrounds. Luminous continues, “Why only vegan artists? Well, not a lot of people know that some of the most sublime music out there happens to have been made by vegans. And the people need to know!”

Since we all know that the power of the arts is impossible to quantify, and I can certainly attest to music’s ability to initiate social change, I have little doubt that this new vegan artists mix will reach into the souls of not-yet-vegans, and enlighten them in musical ways.

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