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The Teal Cat Project: Helping the Undercats

By Jasmin Singer — August 19, 2011

Remember last April when we asked you to send vegan cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz your cat tchotchkes, but didn’t really explain why? Well, Isa has finally let us in on the full story, and I’ve got to admit, it was worth the wait. Isa, along with her cat-loving compatriots over at The Teal Cat Project, are asking for your twenty-five bucks (plus shipping), which in turn gets you a “unique and stylish teal cat. That money,” the website explains, “goes directly toward our affiliated kitty cat rescue programs. Each cat is upcycled with teal paint, and outfitted with a numbered tag for authenticity.”

Oh no! They are sold out! (For now…)

I know, you want a teal kitty now, right? Well, so do I, and that’s a desire I never thought I’d have. For me, that teal tchotchke would act as a constant reminder that I had actually made a tiny little contribution to making things a smidgeon better, and I’d also remember that the kitties are still out there, needing more help. And come on, who can resist a Certificate of Authenticity? So yeah, we want that blue cat. Well, too bad for us — but lucky for the kitties — The Teal Cat Project sold out within just a couple days of the official launch!

And of course it did. Not only have people been involved from the get-go, sending Isa their tchotchkes, but $25 is an amount most of us can get behind. It’s also a fun, unique fund- and awareness-raising campaign using recycled stuff to create powerful results: saving friendly felines. If you’re bummed that they are sold out, be sure to check back on their website frequently, as they do intend to restock. Or you could help them restock by sending them a cat tchotchke.

The Teal Cat Project reminds me of yet another hip and different project that raised money and attention about feral cats, and their need for TNR, called Architects for Animals, which we made a short and fun video about earlier this year.

Apparently, advocates for cats are on their toes (paws?) thinking up new ways to change the world for animals. The Teal Cat Project is my newest favorite project to help the underdogs… er, undercats.

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