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Knit a Jacket for a Little Hen

By Jasmin Singer — September 19, 2011

Little Hen Rescue, located in Norwich, England, is in need of some folks with very big hearts to make some very tiny jackets. For those who can knit, the hens — who have been rescued from factory farming and other horribly exploitative situations and have often lost some or all of their feathers — will need to keep warm this winter, and they need our help. You can find the easy-to-follow pattern on the site, but even if you don’t knit, there is also an easy fleece pattern that requires just a little bit of velcro and perhaps some creativity. As many of us are getting out our jackets as we gear up for the cooler months, this kind of good deed protects these precious animals from the elements, allowing them to adjust to their new lives with a bit more comfort. And if you want to make it more of an activist effort, have a party (a hen party!) where you invite your crafty (but not-yet-vegan) friends and family. As you munch on homemade vegan pie and tell them all about the horrors of egg production and poultry production, make some hen sweaters and send them over to England. That’s what we call getting the warm fuzzies.

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