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Teaching Kids to Go Green, the Musical Way

By Jasmin Singer — September 15, 2011

I recently went gaga about an Australian children’s musician and storyteller, Renata (who has just one name, like Madonna, which accounts for part of my fascination). What makes Renata special is the unique and critical message she’s focusing on: she’s teaching kids ways to be kinder to the planet and all its inhabitants — and she’s doing so in fun, accessible, inspiring ways. Renata’s new DVD, “Go Green with Renata,” which is set to launch on October 9 at a free event in Brisbane, includes songs like “I Love Animals,” “2 Fruits 5 Veggies,” and a rap song called “Go Green” which would put even new vegan Anne Hathaway‘s rapping to shame (have you heard Hathaway’s paparazzi rap? I’m obsessed).

This event sounds rad. I wish I were in AU.

This is like Sesame Street meets ethics class. I’m particularly appreciative of Renata’s inclusion of animal issues in her outreach, and the sense of accountability that she’s teaching kids. In order to foster a healthy, vibrant next generation — and in order to have any hope for the planet and the animals — the next generation will need to step up to the (cruelty-free) plate. When seeds of compassion and — dare I say it, activism — like this are planted into our children’s worldview, perhaps we can all breathe just a teeny tiny itty bitty bit easier.

And we’ve got to hand it to Renata for combining her passions for music, storytelling, family issues, healthy eating, the planet, and the animals, and creating “Go Green with Renata.” That right there epitomizes using your talents and skills to speak up for animals, in a creative way.

Stay up to speed on the DVD and all of Renata’s happenings on her website. And be sure to watch the short video below which gives a more detailed look into this new resource for green-minded kiddies.

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