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You Should Go On a Virtual Tour

By Jasmin Singer — October 27, 2011

Our comrades over at Ashland Creek Press have a titillating new resource all about how to do avirtual book tour.” Though it’s geared toward authors, it seems to me that anyone creating any kind of activist resource — be it a zine, a video, a film, a workshop series, whatever — can benefit from this. Inspired by their upcoming virtual launch party for Out of Breath, a young adult novel that focuses on veganism and vampires (and yes, of course we reviewed it — and yes, you have to read the book), the info about creating a virtual book tour includes tips and reminders ranging from how to host (or get a friend to host) the launch; how to be a guest-blogger; how to schedule interviews or Q&A’s on blogs; how to offer book giveaways; and how to look for opportunities to do podcasts or other recorded interviews in order to get the word out there about your project. The handy guide also offers wise words of wisdom, such as a reminder not to do more than you can handle, a tip to develop relationships with bloggers early on, and a much-needed nudge to have fun (dammit!). If you’re looking to promote an animal rights campaign, this resource has smart tips that will come in handy for you, too, so be sure to take a look-see.

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