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10 Random Things You Should Know

By Jasmin Singer — April 19, 2012

Here are 10 Random Things You Should Know…

  1. If you’re in NYC, there are some great events happening tonight, and in the coming weeks. Tonight, artist Sue Coe — who we featured in our most recent Art of the Animal video — will be signing copies of her new book, Cruel, at MooShoes (MooShoes was featured in our “NYC Vegan Weekend on a Budget” video). 10% of all sales will go to United Poultry Concerns, and the vegan food cart, Cinnamon Snail, will be parked out front. Also happening tonight, in observance of “Earth Week,” NYU is hosting a panel on Global Equity and Agriculture. Panelists include OHH advisory board member, Lori Gruen (who was recently on our podcast), and Brighter Green’s Mia MacDonald (who was on our podcast last year). This weekend is the 2nd Annual Charity Clothing Swap, which is not only a great way to reduce/reuse/recycle (not to mention look ravishing), but ticket sales go 100% to HEART’s humane education efforts — that’s Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (director Meena Alagappan talked all about the program last year on our podcast). One “Save the Date” you might want to etch into your iPhone (or at least type it in) is the upcoming annual Veggie Prom. Yep, that’s a prom for adults, and it’s totally vegan and fabulous. We went last year, and have the bad prom photo to prove it.
  2. Since we’re on the subject of dates, Mariann and I are speaking at some upcoming conferences and VegFests that we want you to know about — and attend! We had a blast talking at the Worcester VegFest last weekend, and will chat all about it on our podcast this coming weekend. Thanks to everyone who attended and said hello! In case you missed it, here are some other events where we’ll be appearing: On Saturday, April 28, we’ll be helping you to “Think Vegan,” and providing you with 10 tips to embrace veganism, at the CT VegFest. Our talk is at 2:00, but you also won’t want to miss the rest of their lineup, including Dr. Michael Greger (don’t miss him on our podcast), and 2 screenings of Vegucated (which, yay, I’m in! And don’t miss filmmaker Marisa Miller Wolfson on our podcast). On Saturday, May 12, Mariann and I will be involved with several panels at the Brooklyn Food Conference. We’ll be talking about everything from gender roles and exploitation as it relates to animal rights, to farmed animal law, so come out for that if you can. On Sunday, May 20, we’ll be giving a talk on Food Activism at the Metropolitan Community Church of New York. There isn’t any info posted about that yet, but email me (jasmin [at] ourhenhouse [dot] org) if you want to stay in the loop. On June 2, Mariann and I will be speaking at the awesome Niagra VegFest. On Saturday, June 16, we’ll be speaking at The Seed Experience here in NYC. Looking ahead, save the dates — October 19-21 — because Mariann will be presenting at Lewis & Clark Law School Center for Animal Law Studies’ Animal Law Conference. Also save November 9 & 10 — where we’ll be speaking at the conference honoring ecofeminist (and our late friend) Marti Kheel at Finding a Niche for All Animals.” More dates will be announced soon, so stay tuned…
  3. Have you heard about our online magazine? We’re about to launch this huge undertaking of changing our website over to a much more dynamic one full of loads more multimedia content, features, editorials, columns, and more — but we need your help. We are trying to raise the last $5,000 in order to make this dream a reality, and we’re 77% of the way toward our goal! Please help us reach $5,000 by donating anything you can to this project. We are a 501(c)(3) so it’s all tax-deductible. Have I told you lately that I love you?
  4. Did you happen to catch author Timothy Pachirat on our podcast last week? Not surprisingly, it was our most-listened-to episode… ever! Timothy, who is the author of Every Twelve Seconds: Industrialized Slaughter and the Politics of Sight, discussed with us what it was like working inside a slaughterhouse where 2,500 cows were killed per day – one every twelve seconds. He also talked about his thoughts on animal agriculture being used as a metaphor for other forms of violence, ritual slaughter, and the question of who is more responsible: those who work in the slaughterhouse, or those who eat the meat. For a limited time, if you become a monthly recurring donor to Our Hen House at a minimum of $10 per month, you will receive a signed copy of this life-changing book. And, as always, we offer some other great thank you gifts for donations of $25 or more. For $25, you will receive a copy of The Tourist Trail by John Yunker (our most FAVORITE NOVEL EVER!); for $50 you will receive a stunning, ethically-sourced, vegan-made Our Hen House tote bag (shootout to designers Lion’s Share Industries); and for $75, you’ll receive a sterling silver and hematite necklace that says “vegan” on it (designer Michelle recently appeared on our podcast). In short: please donate! We’re entirely listener and reader supported! If you’re reading this, that makes you… a reader! (Smooches.)
  5. Speaking of our podcast, let’s back up… If you’re not listening yet, what on earth is wrong with you? I kid, I kid. (Kind of.) We publish a 1-hour episode every week, complete with an in-depth interview with a mover and shaker from the world of animal rights (like Peter Singer, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Kathy Freston, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Jonathan Balcombe…); a review of a new vegan product, film, book, etc.; vegan banter; and current events from the world of animal rights. This weekend will be our 119th consecutive weekly episode, and in absolute truth, features one of my favorite ever interviews, with undercover investigator “Pete,” who will tell you stories that will blow your mind. You can listen and subscribe for free on iTunes, or you can listen directly on our website. Someone recently told me about an app you can get called Downcast, which automatically updates your mobile device with your favorite podcast (eh-hem, why thank you…). We have a ton of fun on our podcast and are thrilled to see our listenership going up and up! Let’s keep that happening. Please spread the word about our lil’ ol’ podcast, which we pour our hearts and souls into every week — no matter what. And be sure to leave a friendly review on iTunes. THANKS!
  6., a thorough resource for which we’ve previously professed our love, never ceases to amaze me with the articles and studies they publish. Some current ones that have called to me includeShould You Share This Video? (by Caryn Ginsberg, whose new book on animal activism was recently reviewed on our blog), detailing when it is — and when it ain’t — effective to simply “Like!” and share an AR video. This is information all of us changemakers need to know. Also on HumaneSpot right now is a study entitledTo Eat or Not to Eat: A Comparison of Current and Former Animal Product Limiters,” which compares current and former vegans, vegetarians, and others who abstain in one form or another from consuming animal products. Based on a study by Western Washington University, “this study investigates motives for and barriers to meat reduction,” and is worth a read. (It’s free to read the short abstract, but the full text will set you back about thirty bucks, unfortunately.) If you’re not already getting updates from HumaneSpot, change that.
  7. We’re giving away a free copy of Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide by Sayward Rebhal. Be sure to check out guest reviewer (and mom-to-be) Robyn Lazara’s review of this important book, and then “Like” Our Hen House on Facebook and leave a comment beneath the review for your opportunity to win.
  8. Now that you’ve “Liked” Our Hen House on Facebook, be sure to follow us on Twitter, too (@ourhenhouse)! Though, admittedly, I’m not nearly as good about “Follow Fridays” as I should be, some of my favorite tweeters are @sallyt, @VeganAri, @QueerVeganFood, and @vegansaurus.
  9. In the further interest of (more) shameless self-promotion, don’t forget that Our Hen House has an Etsy Shop! It features beautiful jewelry and knitted wear that you will not only love, but so will your mom! And look at that, Mother’s Day is in just a few weeks — so make sure you place your orders now. Best part? 100% of the proceeds go to Our Hen House!
  10. Lastly for now, I really enjoyed an article by Ginny Messina (“The Vegan R.D.”) entitled Is Umami a Secret Ingredient of Vegan Activism? Ginny, who is the co-author (with Jack Norris) of the must-have book, Vegan for Life — which we gave a rave review — talks in this piece all about how “Understanding umami might help meat-eaters who struggle with a transition to vegan meals.” Adding vegan foods that are rich in umami — such as, according to Ginny, wine, miso, tamari, ripe tomatoes, dried sea vegetables, marmite, nutritional yeast, mushrooms, olives, balsamic vinegar, dried mushrooms, and sauerkraut — might be key to the longevity of one’s veganism. Fascinating!

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