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Episode 154: “People would rather believe than know.”

By Jasmin and Mariann — December 22, 2012

Welcome to the 154th episode of Our Hen House, featuring Kim Sturla from Animal Place, Allison Rivers Samson from Allison’s Gourmet, and Tara Oresick from Farm Sanctuary, with a special appearance by Piper Hoffman.

Today’s episode starts off our big road trip adventure from Portland to NYC, by way of California. In the coming weeks, we’ll be giving you our tales from the road, as well as interviews with animal rights activists and passionate vegans whom we meet along the way. Today we’ll start you off with our exodus out of Portland, and then we’ll take you to Ashland, OR, and then on to California. In the Golden State, this week we’ll visit Redding, Orland, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Placerville, Fresno, and Mariposa.

Joining us today are three exquisite activists we had the honor to hook up with along the way. First we’ll hear from Tara Oresick, Farm Sanctuary’s Orland Shelter Director. Tara will talk to us about how cool chickens really are – be prepared to be awed, and to “awwww” more than once. We’ll chat with Allison Rivers Samson, the force behind Allison’s Gourmet, a vegan chocolate company and bakery that is committed to providing ethically-sourced, slavery-free, fair-trade goodies – which, by the way, are among the most delicious we’ve ever had. Allison will talk to us about, among other things, the importance (not to mention satisfaction) of running a business in accordance with your ethical values. Then we’ll head over to Animal Place, where founder Kim Sturla will talk to us about what it’s been like rescuing animals and providing them sanctuary for the past 30 years. She’ll also share her feelings about so-called “humane” meat, and the dire importance of proper messaging when it comes to speaking up for animals.

In addition to our road trip – and we’re podcasting while driving, by the way – we’ll ruminate on gun control, violence and anti-violence, oppressive children’s toys, barking up the wrong vegan tree, and kale salad.

For our review, yet another fantastic woman is joining us – the lovely and smart Piper Hoffman. Piper will share her thoughts on the documentary, Saving America’s Horses. Don’t miss this summary of the plight of and fight for these gorgeous creatures. Really and truly, your mind will be blown.

All that, vegan banter, and of course, current events from the world of animal rights.

This week’s news items include:

“People would rather believe than know.” -Edward O. Wilson

All that, vegan banter, and of course, current events from the world of animal rights.

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