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Seven-Year-Old is Sewing Dog Beds, and Sowing Seeds

By Jasmin Singer — August 14, 2013
Gerty Kelly. Photo source: Doodlebug Duds

Gerty Kelly. Photo source: Doodlebug Duds

Seven-year-old Gerty Kelly (best name ever!) is sewing beds for dogs, all by herself, in an effort to raise funds (and awareness) to spay and neuter animals in her town of Beaverton, Oregon. She recently raised $1400 — “enough to spay/neuter a dozen dogs,” according to Gerty’s creative fundraising has also been integral in helping Panda Paws Rescue — a non-profit dog rescue group specializing in pups with special needs — to have a hydrotherapy pool. Her moms, Sayde and Patty Kelly, own Doodlebug Duds, a store that provides handcrafted clothing, beds, and other necessities for dogs.

I suppose this is a bad time to bring up the fact that I can’t even sew a button. But to each their own, I suppose. The fact that this pint-sized activist is already tapping into her skills, talents, and interests to change the world for animals — and that her folks are supporting her along the way — should be a huge inspiration to anyone looking for a creative inroad to animal advocacy. Perhaps even more exciting is that she’s “making hay” along the way, getting press and national attention for her efforts.

Mom Sayde told that Gerdy “comes up with the project, picks out the fabric, and lays it out as a pattern. Then she sews on her own, once in a while getting distracted by ‘Sponge Bob.’”

Finally, something that Gerty and I have in common! Maybe I’m untalented with a needle, but I can recognize genius television when I see it.

I can also recognize a changemaker in the making, and this kid is onto something. Seems to me she’s already stitching together a new world for animals.

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