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Keep Vegan Indie Media Alive! Your Support of Our Hen House Will be MATCHED Between Now and December 31, 2013!

By Jasmin Singer — September 25, 2013


It’s been a busy few months for us here at OHH HQ! The podcast is stronger and better than ever, with recent guests including Steve-O Emily Deschanel, and Dr. T. Colin Campbell. This weekend marks our 194th consecutive weekly podcast episode — we have literally never missed a week! And every day, we publish new content on our online magazine — reviews, features, blog entries, columns, etc., all aimed to change the world for animals. We have such incredible writers (if I do say so myself), and our team of editors work hard to make sure all our content is fresh, accessible, and inspiring. We are 100% committed to mainstreaming the movement to end animal exploitation, but we need your help.

I’m writing to ask for your support. We are officially rolling out a Donor Challenge. Thanks to a small group of generous individuals we call our “Barnyard Benefactors,” all donations (including recurring monthly donations) will be matched dollar-for-dollar between September 15 and December 31 up to $10,000. In other words, your donations from now until December 31 will be doubled! Our Barnyard Benefactors believe in Our Hen House, and they challenge you to support the life-changing and, ultimately, life-saving work we do.

After almost four years, Our Hen House is bigger and more fabulous than ever. Thanks to the loyal support of our listeners and readers like you, we’ve been able to expand our reach and keep a strong, independent vegan voice in the media. Throughout the years, we’ve empowered countless new vegan activists. Communities have transformed. This is all because of YOU. You are the backbone of our organization and you, the listeners and readers, keep us thriving and growing.

Without funding, none of this would exist. If you have yet to donate to Our Hen House, now is definitely the time! If you already support us (thank you!), we hope you will consider digging deeper to help us double our impact. Please, donate now. (And yes, we still offer awesome thank-you gifts — check them out!)

I have a folder in my inbox full of emails I’ve received throughout the years from literally thousands of animal lovers whose lives have been changed — and whose activism has been realized — because of Our Hen House. Here’s JL Fields, co-author (with Virginia Messina) of Vegan for Her, with her thoughts on the magic of Our Hen House:

About a year into my vegan lifestyle I started listening to the weekly Our Hen House podcast. Shortly thereafter, I heard OHH co-founder Jasmin Singer speak at a conference, and it was at that moment I understood. I understood that my veganism was — and needed to be — about far more than just the food that I put into my mouth. I understood that I had a responsibility to do whatever I could to end animal suffering. Listening to the podcast and reading the online magazine has provided me the skills and education to find my own activist voice. I know that Our Hen House is empowering thousands of vegan activists, including me, and that is why I prioritize them in my philanthropy each year. Keeping vegan indie media alive is essential, and it doesn’t come free. I am proud to serve on the board of directors of Our Hen House and to be a member of the Barnyard Benefactors. Donating to, and volunteering for, Our Hen House provides the resources needed to help change the world for animals. I am helping to change the world for animals.

Does Our Hen House resonate with you? Do you listen to the weekly podcast? Do you read our daily articles? Please support the life-changing work of Our Hen House. It is so thrilling to us that because of the incredible Barnyard Benefactors, your donations will be doubled between now and December 31, up to $10,000! 

Thank you for all that you are able to do. It means so much to me – to all of us – to have you in our corner.

xo jasmin

Jasmin Singer, Executive Director 


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