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A World Without Our Hen House?

By Liz Dee — November 06, 2013

iStock_000001696474XSmallDear Chickens,

If you are reading this, I imagine that you are a fan of Our Hen House and want to change the world for animals. In my book, this makes us friends (I therefore expect a Thanksgiving invitation). From one changemaker to another, I’m writing today to state the obvious: Without support from you, Our Hen House would not exist. Can you imagine a world without Our Hen House? Me neither, and I’d rather not think about it for too long, or I’ll get teary.

But I can tell you this: A world without OHH would be a much more dismal place, lacking the “indefatigably positive” charm that Jasmin and Mariann bring to it – not to mention the ideas and opportunities they provide to thousands of people for how to get involved in animal advocacy. Since January 2010, “the hens” have created a community of changemakers (us!), and emboldened us to find our own way to change the world for animals.

We regularly receive beautiful emails detailing how Our Hen House supports and empowers people to change the world for animals – maybe you’ve sent one yourself! I’d like to share a few of my favorite snippets, as they begin to paint a picture of the effectiveness of the work OHH does:

“I recently became a member of the flock and I wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate your podcasts. I only have one vegan friend and sometimes it feels as if no one really understands where I am coming from. However, your podcasts give me the hope and the strength to continue fighting for the rights of animals.” – Felice S.

“The work you do is amazing and has inspired my own activism so much. But equally important is that your podcast is hysterical and cheers me up which is much needed in the world we live in.” – Amy Dougherty

“You have truly changed my life for the better and deepened my commitment to using my skills to help end the exploitation of animals. Our Hen House is my touchstone for daily inspiration.” – Beth Lily Redwood

I hope that by now, you too have personally experienced benefits from OHH’s innumerable resources. If these resources have touched you in any way, if you believe in OHH’s mission, if you believe in us, please support our efforts.

OHH is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that relies on donors to keep fighting the good fight. We are committed to mainstreaming the movement to end animal exploitation. However, without your support, there would be no Our Hen House – no daily articles, no weekly podcast, no up-to-date animal rights news ticker, no regular awareness-building speaking engagements, and no videos. You rely on Our Hen House to deliver top-notch multimedia content, and we deliver.

That said, here’s why now is the time to give: Between now and December 31, your impact will be doubled by our Barnyard Benefactors – who will match your donations, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000. And remember – all donations are eligible for our fabulous thank-you gifts!

We all want to see a new world for animals. With the consistent, accessible, smart content that OHH produces every day – inspiring each of us to tap into our own communities and create change – that new world is possible. Thank you for believing in us.

In Solidarity,

Liz Dee, OHH Podcast Associate Producer

P.S. In addition to donating, there are plenty of other ways you can support Our Hen House. Rate our podcast with 5 stars on iTunes and Stitcher, share our articles with your friends and family, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and, most importantly, do whatever you can, in your life, to change the world for animals.

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