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Need Money to Help Animals?

By Mariann Sullivan — December 13, 2013


Crowdfunding is the fundraising innovation of the decade. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc., etc., have enabled all sorts of people to get the money to do some very cool things. Crowdfunding works, it gets people involved, and — given the right project — it can change the world. And the exciting news is that, now, there is a site specifically dedicated to crowdfunding for non-profit organizations devoted to animals.

Love Animals is a brand-spanking new crowdfunding website. It is not only provides animal organizations with a beautifully designed site to advertise their cause, but the really amazing thing is that Love Animals takes no percentage of funds raised, which means more money directly benefits the animals.

During the testing phase, Love Animals successfully fundraised for orphaned bald eaglets, sea turtles, the pets of military veterans, and a tiger with a toothache. And now, they are actively seeking additional causes for the site. You heard me: They’re looking for animal organizations that need money. Somehow I think that they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

In spite of the fact that so many people love animals, animal charities — which are often on too much of a shoestring budget to do effective fundraising — get a truly pathetic percentage of the American charitable dollar (less than 2%). By making this powerful resource available to animal-based charities — making it so attractive, and not skimming any money off the top — Love Animals is set to change that number.


Kids and puppies in Tanzania

It also sounds like they will be doing their very best to see that donors’ money will be going to legitimate projects. According to the site: “We vet every nonprofit partner before allowing them to post a project on the website. When their project reaches its funding goal and we transfer the money, the nonprofit must provide photos of the project taking place, and supply a report showing how every dollar was spent. This allows us to ensure every donation is being used to help animals as intended.” So, while it never hurts to do your own research, and support those organizations that you personally know are doing good work, this site should help donors expand their giving to new, previously unknown organizations who are truly helping animals.

Warning: Once you go on this site, you are going to want to give money to almost every project. A few examples of what’s up there now: Animal-Kind International wants to bring vet care and animal population control to poor communities in Tanzania; The Wild Animal Sanctuary wants to build a 20 acre habitat for rescued Kodiak Grizzly Bears; and the Athens (GA) Area Humane Society is seeking help to buy surgery equipment to provide spay/neuter surgeries.

So whether you work for an animal related charitable organization that needs money, or you have a few dollars to spare and would like to see it help animals, you need to check this site out right now.

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