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Holy Hens! You’ve GOT to See What Just Landed in the Our Hen House Etsy Shop! Can Anyone Say, “This is What I Want for Valentine’s Day?”

By Danielle — February 04, 2014

It’s February already?! I suppose that means that Valentine’s Day is, once again, just around the corner. I’m already seeing red and pink heart decorations popping up in store windows, and not just at Victoria’s Secret! Valentine’s Day is that odd “holiday” that gives you an excuse to share a gift with someone you love. Of course, you don’t have to be coupled to give or receive a gift – you can also treat yourself. I mean, if you need a reason to give a gift, I guess Valentine’s Day is as good an excuse as any other.

Each year right around now, it seems we all begin to amass chocolate hearts (ours are slavery-free, fair-trade, and vegan, of course), and really any kind of heart-shaped edible. (There was the one time I was given a Russian Nesting Doll Candy Heart instead, which was delicious, but a little weird.) Valentine’s Day, it’s the “other Halloween” – where instead of orange and black, it’s pink and red everything. Chocolate is a lovely treat (in case you feel like sending me some), but why not give some gifts with real heart? Like something from the fabulous, newly-stocked Our Hen House Etsy Shop!

Beth Begany has been busy as a bee knitting for you! Word to the wise, y’all: In the past, as soon as her knitted goodies have been posted on Etsy, they’ve pretty much gotten snagged immediately. You folks are fast! That’s because they’re gorgeous, and Beth is wildly talented (remember how charming she was in our Vegan Knitting video?). We’ve got hand-warmers galore right now, but you’ve got to get ‘em quick, because, trust me, they’re about to be history.

I might as well end this piece right here and now, right? (Mostly because I’m craving chocolate something fierce.) But, no no – it ain’t over! As if Beth’s knits weren’t enough, just this week, we received new hand-made glass hen earrings made by the wonderfully talented Bonnie Goodman! (When I opened the box, I saw that sweet Bonnie even included some delicious chocolate, which is funny only because writing this made me crave eating it, which, OK I admit, I just did.) The new earring colors are absolutely brilliant, perfect for lighting up these gray days of winter. I wear my glass hen earrings every day (I’m completely not kidding).  Because of these little hens that dangle from my ears, I get to use every opportunity possible to talk about Our Hen House, why I care about chickens and other farmed animals, and why I think it’s important that everyone work toward changing the world for animals. It’s adorable activism, at it’s adorablest.

Of course, these gifts are all stupendous, but here’s why they’ve got more heart than any heart-shaped box with a bunch of heart-shaped chocolates: Every time you support the Our Hen House Etsy Shop, you’re making a contribution to Our Hen House. You are changing the world for animals.

Now that’s romance.

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