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“The Ghosts in Our Machine” Launches Community Screenings Phase – How YOU Can Be a Part of It

By Amanda Riley — February 13, 2014

Clipboard01You may remember The Ghosts in Our Machine from Our Hen House’s podcast interview with filmmaker Liz Marshall or from our recent review of the film.

For those of you who were unlucky enough to have missed this beautiful and exceedingly influential documentary on its first go-around (or who were moved by it and want to get more involved), pay close attention! After receiving some impressive media coverage, endorsements, and awards since releasing the film last April, the Ghosts team is now initiating a round of community screenings, which will be accompanied by audience engagement and social media promotion strategies. The ultimate goal will, of course, be to spread the animal rights message to a much wider and more diverse audience. Let’s make sure the folks who aren’t in the choir are learning the tune too, shall we?

The screenings will be hosted by animal rights and other like-minded organizations, and also by individuals just like you. Anyone who wants to host an event can fill out a form on the Ghosts website to purchase the proper license, and the team will help promote your event through their website and social media. The website also offers an extensive list of tips for planning and hosting a successful screening event. If you are unable to pay for the license, event space, and other costs, The Ghosts in Our Machine is partnering with VegFund, an organization that will reimburse your costs as long as you give enough notice and meet their requirements.

Each screening should be followed by a Q&A session, which may even sometimes include Liz and/or film subject Jo-Anne McArthur! The audience will hopefully include people who are newly awakening to the vegan way of thinking. By way of the Q&A, audience members can discuss their thoughts and feelings, and if they have specific questions about animal issues or veganism, screening hosts (you?) can help clear those up.


#fortheghosts promo photo by Jo-Anne McArthur

Finally, everything will be complemented by the #fortheghosts hashtag. Screening hosts and fans of the documentary alike are encouraged to use it towards the ultimate goal of trending, so that the film and its issues can be brought to the attention of even more people. The website contains profile and cover photos that you can use to promote the film, as well as ideas for utilizing the hashtag.

Believe it or not, the filmmakers have even more ideas up their sleeve to maximize the impact of the film. If they receive enough additional funding, they’ll move onto “Phase Two,” in which they’ll partner with specific organizations to offer screening hosts additional information and materials that will further engage audiences with animal rights issues. These materials will encourage people to feel empathy for animals and to advocate for public policy changes.

Convinced yet? If you’re ready to host a community screening of The Ghosts in Our Machine, visit the website to start the process.

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