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Our Hen House Talks to the Dosa Man

By Jasmin Singer — May 08, 2014

Welcome to #ThrowbackThursdays, a new feature of OHH which, from time to time, will give us the opportunity to repost some of our favorite articles from the past five years! We have well over 2,000 articles to choose from, so this should be easy! If you have a favorite article from the early days of OHH, please email suggestions to info [at] ourhenhouse [dot] org. This piece and video is one of my favorites because I love the guy behind the vegan dosas, Thiru Kumar, who is changing the world through food. It was originally posted on February 25, 2010.


“The Dosa Man” (or, Thiru Kumar — though he prefers the former) serves the best Indian food I’ve ever tasted. His vegan business, “NY Dosas,” is run from a food cart (one of the very few in NYC — nothing like Portland, where they’re everywhere), and has made him pretty much world-famous. Not only has he gained an insane amount of press (in 42 countries!), but The Dosa Man — who is originally from Sri Lanka — has also quickly become a well-known vegan advocate, and is happy to talk to you about why he hasn’t consumed animal products in nearly 10 years.

Before you watch this video, I should warn you: It will make you insatiably hungry. Well, not quite insatiably so, but you will need to find some vegan dosas immediately, in order to be sated …

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