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“Let’s Fry Up the Offspring, Let’s Fall for the Hype…”

By Jasmin Singer — June 18, 2014

I wrote this poem on the subway the other day. Mariann told me I should publish it here, so I am.



by Jasmin Singer

Let’s eat the birdsong
Let’s savor the feast

Let’s drool for the marrow
Let’s fatten the beast

Let’s poison the sparrow
Let’s stomp out his will

Let’s strangle the babies
Let’s go for the kill

Let’s white out the colors
Let’s rot all that’s ripe

Let’s fry up the offspring
Let’s fall for the hype

Let’s not cry for nature
Let’s not cry for life

Let’s bury the bodies
Let’s bury the strife

Let’s eat like it’s nothing
Let’s drink like we should

Let’s say grace and mean it
Let’s act like we’re good

Let’s bloody the knives and
Let’s muddy what’s real

Let’s hope that by lunch we
Forget how to feel


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