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Flock Doc: “I became much more accepting and nonjudgmental of people who eat meat.” (BONUS: Giveaway of “Citizen Canine”)

By Anne Green — September 26, 2014

Dear Flock,

In August, I asked you why you support Our Hen House. You sent such wonderful comments and praise for Jasmin and Mariann, it was truly overwhelming. In the coming weeks, I’ll share some of the stories, beginning today with Louisa’s. Her story will not only bring tears to your eyes, it will also make you happy to be part of our amazing and supportive Hen House flock!




Louisa and Chelsea

From Flock Member, Louisa:

I hold Our Hen House and Jasmin and Mariann dear to my heart, because when I contracted Lyme disease in the summer of 2013, I also discovered OHH. I really don’t remember exactly what it was that caught my attention, but once I listened to a couple podcasts, I was totally hooked. I was bedridden with Lyme disease and I didn’t have a TV, so I started with episode one and listened to nearly 180 podcasts in the course of about 6 weeks.

I live alone, and [at that time had] spent 20 years in New Hampshire very close to woods and wilderness. I had very few friends, and rural people were just not open to my views on veganism and animal rights. I wanted to live in a rural area, especially because of my big dog, but I was extremely lonely. So listening to Jasmin and Mariann made me feel like my best friends were hangin’ out in the kitchen talking. They didn’t make any attempt to gloss over the horrors going on around us, and they didn’t try to be “professional” in the way they expressed their feelings. They were (and still are) utterly raw and honest. I find many of their interviewees to be extremely interesting and informative, and I learned and grew a lot during that period of listening. I became much more accepting and nonjudgmental of people who eat meat, and a lot of my anger seemed to dissipate over time. I’m really grateful to them for doing the OHH podcast, and they could never even fathom how much they helped me when I was sick and alone.

When my beautiful dog Chelsea died in February 2014, my friend Holly Pearson made a donation to Our Hen House in memory of Chelsea. Jasmin and Mariann did a dedication to Chelsea on podcast #220. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to their dedication to her. It’s so nice to have something on record that I can go back and listen to. It’s helped me a lot in my grieving process, and they had such kind things to say. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

This photo of Chelsea and me is from our favorite spot that was a quick 15-minute hike from home. I still cry when I think about her. Living with Chelsea so close to the White Mountain National Forest was truly a magical time in my life, and I’m filled with gratitude for ever finding her and living so close to wilderness.

Now I’m in Massachusetts, and I’ve connected with some old friends in Boston who have replaced the company of trees, wild turkeys, and an occasional moose. There’s always a trade-off, but they seem to happen for me at the perfect time.

Please give my love to Jasmin and Mariann. They will never know how much they and their podcast helped me.


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