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The Vegan Drag Queen Meets Our Hen House: Bringing New Meaning to Kale Salad

By Jasmin Singer — September 04, 2014

Our love and devotion for vegan drag queen extraordinaire Honey LaBronx has not waned one bit since we recorded this cooking video way back in 2012. Given her latest campaign known as Veganize My Town (that you should totally check out), what better time to remind the OHH community about the wonders of Miss Honey and her astounding massaging (of kale, that is!) skills?

This article originally appeared on Our Hen House on September 18, 2012. If you’d like to see a certain OHH article resurrected, email us at info [at] ourhenhouse [dot] org.


We adore vegan drag queen Honey LaBronx, who inspired and entertained us recently on our podcast. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Well, not so recently anymore…] In addition to being an up-and-coming star, Honey is a tireless activist for so many who need her — our! — attention, including (of course) animals and the LGBT community. When Honey invited Mariann and me to be guests on her popular web cooking show, we plotzed. Not only did that mean we’d get to hang with Honey for an entire afternoon, but I knew that the precious time together would give all of us the opportunity to further our bond, which is deeply rooted in our mutual devotion to the things in life that matter: animal rights, Bette Midler, spontaneously bursting into showtunes, and kale. These are the reasons I am alive.

We recorded our Kale Salad episode the day before leaving for our cross-country drive to Portland. The afternoon of the shoot, we set aside our pre-trip logistics-related headaches and happily leapt into what was perhaps the most fun we have ever had recording anything. It’s a good thing there was mascara nearby, because — without giving too much away — let’s just say that Mariann, Honey, and I all had to reapply our lashes more than twice. Gut-wrenching laughter does that to a girl. Do not miss this episode of The Vegan Drag Queen, featuring yours truly; my better half, Mariann Sullivan; the insanely talented Honey LaBronx; and our very special massaged kale salad. As a bonus, catch the outtakes, too. Neither video is for the delicate sensibility, nor the delicate appetite. You have been warned…

Still alive? Here are some of the outtakes.

And here’s a moment for the herstory books:

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