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Flock Doc: Our Hen House Podcast Turns 250! (Plus a Flock Giveaway of Vegan, Hand Knit Socks!)

By Anne Green — October 24, 2014


Tomorrow’s podcast is Episode 250. That’s right: two hundred and fifty!

Because of your support, Jasmin and Mariann have been able to broadcast a podcast episode each week, without fail! In case you are bad at math, that’s 250 weeks. In a row. It all started on January 18, 2010. I’m sure you’ll agree — that kind of unrelenting commitment is nothing short of incredible! And tomorrow’s episode proves to be celebratory and special, with special guest Sharon Gannon — co-creator of the Jivamutki Yoga Method, and longtime animal activist and vegan extraordinaire.

Because of your dedication to keeping vegan indie media alive, earlier this year, Jasmin and Mariann were able to take advantage of the opportunity to bring Our Hen House to TV. If you haven’t yet watched all the episodes of the Our Hen House TV show, you’ll want to take the time to catch up. Why? Because the second season is coming soon! Yes, the Hens will again co-host the Our Hen House TV show, teaming up with Brooklyn Independent Media, and bringing you the voices and the faces of the movers and shakers in the animal advocacy world. Are your DVRs set?

I’m sure you agree that Jasmin and Mariann are so important to the animals and to our community, and because of that, we absolutely must keep them active and thriving!

Because of your enthusiasm for Our Hen House, I can work to help ensure that their time and talents are used optimally, so that we can all continue to change the world for animals.

Because of your overwhelming responses to the survey I sent out in September, we gathered great data and valuable insights. As Our Hen House heads into our sixth year, we’ll use your comments and suggestions to better serve you and the animals. Thank you, to say the least, for consistently providing us with feedback.

Your dedication to Our Hen House inspires all of us. Thank you for being part of our flock!

And here’s to 250 more podcasts!




How many colors will Beth use this time? 250??

Because the flock rocks our wool-free socks, we’d like to treat your feet to something neat. Intriguing, right? Your feet can be entered in a drawing for hand-knit socks from flock member Beth Begany (star of Our Hen House’s Vegan Knitting 101 video).

The rest of this post is viewable only to Flock Members! To read the rest, please LOG IN or JOIN OUR FLOCK today! Our Hen House is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Thanks!

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