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Why Flock? (Plus a Flock Only Giveaway of “Beneath the Surface” by John Hargrove)

By Visiting Animal — June 05, 2015

If you’ve ever wondered what the Our Hen House Flock is all about, wonder no more! Read on.

Already in the Flock? Read anyway — and be sure to enter below to win a copy of Beneath the Surface: Killer Whales, SeaWorld, and the Truth Beyond Blackfish by John Hargrove; reviewed just this week by Kevin Schneider


Why Flock? 

Which way to the Flock?

Which way to the Flock?

All of us here at Our Hen House are passionate about working to change the world for animals, and we’re happy to be able to offer our content free to all.

But the truth is, bringing you the animal rights news through our award-winning weekly podcast, TV show, online magazine, and e-book publishing arm takes more than passion and happiness; all this costs real money.

Our Hen House gratefully accepts contributions of any amount. If you listen to any one of our (280+) podcast episodes, watch any one of our (30+) TV episodes, or enjoy anything on our online magazine, then please consider chipping in to keep our work going.

More specifically, we hope you’ll consider joining the Flock! (Already in the Flock? A Flock membership makes a great gift, too! Just send Anne an email at anne [at] ourhenhouse [dot] org; she can help you make a Flock membership work for any occasion.)

Here’s how to join the Flock:

Go to our donation page, then… 

  • Make a monthly recurring donation of at least $15/month (in addition to the other benefits of being a Flock member, you’ll receive an Our Hen House exclusive tote bag!);
  • OR make a one-time donation of at least $150 (in addition to the other benefits of being a Flock member, you’ll receive an Our Hen House exclusive tote bag!);
  • OR make a one-time donation of at least $200 (this level of support gets you in the Flock AND allows you to dedicate a podcast episode AND qualifies you to receive one of our limited edition Our Hen House mugs — as seen on TV!!).

Within 24 hours of your donation, you’ll receive an email from Anne containing the info you need to set up a member account AND to join the Flock-only Facebook page. Joining this page gives you a great forum to squawk with other Flock members from across the country and around the world!

And with your member account, you can read Flock-only articles and books, enter Flock-only giveaway contests, and be in-the-know at all times.

Notes on Network for Good

Network for Good (NFG) processes both our credit card and Paypal donations securely and safely. Our Hen House doesn’t have access to your credit card info. (In the event that you need to make a change or update your donation, just give Network for Good a call: 1-888-284-7978; Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm ET. They’re friendly and helpful.)

Do note that sometimes, using Paypal to donate can be quirky. After you fill in your information on Paypal, be sure to finish the transaction at the OHH donation site by clicking the ‘Donate Now’ button at the bottom of the page.

NFG doesn’t sell donor lists and neither do we. Our Hen House will NEVER release, share, sell, or otherwise mishandle your contact info. (Anne has been known to make the occasional typo, though. In every other way, she is perfect.)

NFG is not connected to any Our Hen House databases; that means that nothing is automatic. After you donate, Anne will send you a thank-you email and any other info you need. Then she’ll update all the Our Hen House databases manually. (She appreciates your patience!)

An Our Hen House Policy

As you know, Our Hen House is dedicated to changing the world for animals. It is often difficult to choose from the steady stream of fascinating and important projects, campaigns, and news, but we do our very best to bring you the most relevant and actionable highlights of animal advocacy today. Although we would love to be able​ to ​​​promote and support everyone and every project, doing so is untenable. Thus, the Our Hen House Board of Directors has reaffirmed the policy that OHH will not share crowd-funding sites for any individual or organization on any OHH media. Thank you for understanding.

Questions, concerns, chocolate? Anne’s your Anne. Email anne [at] ourhenhouse [dot] org.

Thank you so much for your contributions. We sincerely appreciate your commitment to changing the world for animals with Our Hen House.


The rest of this post is viewable only to Flock Members! To read the rest, please LOG IN or JOIN OUR FLOCK today! Our Hen House is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Thanks!

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