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The Animal Law Podcast is Here! Episode 1, Featuring Steve Wise

By Mariann Sullivan — July 28, 2015
Photo by Derek Goodwin

Mariann Sullivan: Photo by Derek Goodwin.

UPDATE — 7/31/15: As you are probably aware, a decision just came down in one of the Nonhuman Rights Project’s groundbreaking lawsuits regarding chimpanzees being held captive in New York State. Since the Animal Law Podcast had interviewed Steven Wise for Episode 1 (BELOW), regarding these cases, we wanted to make sure you got this latest update. Fortunately, he graciously agreed to come back on and inform us about exactly what the new decision is all about. So after you listen to the first episode, be sure to listen to the follow-up interview on the second episode — which is way ahead of schedule, a bit shorter than usual, and, most of all, right on top of the latest developments!


Finally! For such a long time, I’ve wanted to interview the lawyers who are doing cutting edge work for animals and get them to reveal their secrets. Well, maybe not the secrets that the animal abusers they are fighting would want to get hold of. But — as a passionate (and nosy) animal rights law professor and activist — I’ve been thirsty for the details, not only about the animals these lawyers are trying to help, but I want to know the legal ins-and-outs, too. This is the stuff that law is made of. The stuff that actually changes the way society works. This is what I love.

So here we are, at Episode 1 of the brand new Animal Law Podcast, which I will be hosting once a month. For all of you Our Hen House podcast devotees (thank you!), don’t worry: Our signature weekly podcast is remaining very much in tact, and is growing bigger and better before my and Jasmin’s eyes. It’s not going anywhere! We are simply (or not so simply) expanding our media landscape — introducing a couple additional podcasts to our multimedia hub. The Animal Law podcast, hosted by yours truly, is the first expansion. Huzzah!

Image courtesy of the Nonhuman Rights Project.

Steve Wise: Image courtesy of the Nonhuman Rights Project.

And — pinch me, please — we have managed to score, for our very first episode, a lawyer who has been working for animals for his entire career. Steven Wise, and his Nonhuman Rights Project, is taking on the legal system full force, by using the most fundamental principles of the law — principles of justice, fairness, equality — and showing how they must be applied to animals or they lose their meaning.

I really think you’re going to love this interview, and — dare I say — this podcast. We will be bringing you a new interview at least once a month, and there are so many possibilities to choose from. So, if you’re a lawyer, or a law student, or a person who’s interested in how the law works (or doesn’t work) when it comes to animals, please tune in, let us know what you think, and tell us who you want to hear from next.

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