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Animal Law Podcast #3 — Ag Gag with Justin Marceau

By Mariann Sullivan — August 26, 2015

We’re so excited about Episode 3 of the Animal Law Podcast! This brand new episode features Professor Justin Marceau, one of the lead counsel on the recent Ag Gag victory in Idaho. He’ll be filling us in on the details of that decision, in which Idaho’s hideous law was held unconstitutional in Federal district court on 1st Amendment and Equal Protection grounds. He’ll also be talking a bit about what this means for the future of ag gag in other states around the country, and he’ll also tell us all about his new role at the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law, where he holds the nation’s first Chair in Animal Law.

As you may know, the first two episodes of The Animal Law Podcast featured Steven Wise (Episode 1 and Episode 2), talking about the efforts of the Nonhuman Rights Project to obtain personhood, and habeas corpus, for chimpanzees. (Bonus: Read the transcripts from Episodes 1 & 2!) Today’s episode is so very different — talking about lawyers who are defending the rights of activists to let us know what is really happening on factory farms. Animal law truly runs the gamut, and, as it turns out, both cases are on the cutting edge of the law.

I’ll also be offering a few opinions of my own, including a brief discussion about a few recent cases that have upheld the rights of communities to ban the sale of puppy mill dogs. There’s so much happening!

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