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Animal Law Podcast Episodes 1 and 2 (with Steve Wise) Now Available as Written Transcripts

By Jasmin Singer — August 23, 2015

mic2It was exciting enough when the media hub that is Our Hen House expanded its landscape once more and introduced The Animal Law Podcast, hosted by Mariann Sullivan. Add to that excitement the fact that the first guest on The Animal Law Podcast was none other than Steve Wise, of the Nonhuman Rights Project, who squawked with Mariann all about the groundbreaking lawsuits regarding chimpanzees being held captive in New York State. As luck would have it, the day after that interview was published, a decision came down in one of the very cases that Mariann and Steve discussed. Steve graciously agreed to do a second interview that day, and we aired it the next, making Steve Wise the guest for the second episode of The Animal Law Podcast as well! His follow-up interview was just as riveting as the first. Needless to say, The Animal Law Podcast has hit the ground running, and we are just about to publish our third episode — this one is all about Ag-Gag laws.

As we gear up for Episode 3, we are excited to offer you a bonus feature for the interviews with Steve Wise — written transcripts! So pull up your nooch-covered popcorn, put on your favorite bunny slippers (or maybe get some chimp-themed slippers for the occasion), and take a gander at the full transcripts for Episodes 1 and 2 of The Animal Law Podcast, hosted by Mariann Sullivan, and featuring Steve Wise. 


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