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We Wanted to Tell You About Anne Green…

By Jasmin and Mariann — September 15, 2015

annegreenWe wanted to tell you about Anne Green, Our Hen House’s Director of Operations. There is no “ask” behind this post, no bottom line from us, no secret agenda. We just deeply appreciate the work Anne does for us — and has done, consistently, in this movement, for decades now — and we wanted to share that awesomeness with you.

Anne Green has been working on behalf of the animals for almost a quarter century, starting as Director of Outreach for Students for Animal Rights. She has helped found a major organization, and offered counsel and support for countless activists and organizations, always striving to help everyone have the greatest possible impact for animals.

Anne has made extraordinary sacrifices to help animals. From the early years when she used her earnings as a professor at Carnegie-Mellon University to underwrite an organization she helped found, to her current role working round the clock for Our Hen House (for far less than what she earned in academia), Anne has always made her decisions based on what will help the most animals, rather than what would increase her visibility, fame or income.

If you’ve ever communicated with us, then you already know that Anne has a role in just about every aspect of this organization, including finding and promoting new and otherwise obscure activists and thinkers who benefit from the exposure Our Hen House can provide. These individuals also help the movement progress, further changing the world for animals!

We are so lucky that Anne is a part of the OHH family. The progress we make for animals is driven by the diligent day-to-day efforts of people working tirelessly, relentlessly, and with unflagging attention to strategy, behind the scenes. Anne is absolutely the epitome of selfless, dedicated, and effective, and Our Hen House could not possibly be what it is without her — the woman behind the curtain.

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