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Animal Law Podcast #6 — Getting Chimps from Labs to Sanctuaries With Anna Frostic

By Mariann Sullivan — November 25, 2015

11100924_10153362496568904_7806415962084082977_nI’m so excited about Episode #6 of the Animal Law Podcast! This episode features Anna Frostic, the Senior Attorney for Wildlife and Animal Research for the Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Protection Litigation department, and she has an important story to tell about the long-term battle to get chimpanzees out of research facilities in the United States. This effort has had many different components, in the legislatures, the agencies, and the courts, and each development has depended on the work that was done before it. Sometimes legal change doesn’t happen all at once, and we are lucky to be witness to fruits of this work. As we all know all too well, there are not a lot of legal successes in the movement to protect animals, and we should savor them when they occur, and learn from them in order to come up with ways to bring protections to all chimpanzees, and, of course, to animals who don’t belong to species that are in such special favor.

I’ll also be talking about my upcoming trip to Paris, where I’ll be headed to UNESCO headquarters to  present a paper co-authored with the brilliant Professor Taimie Bryant, of UCLA Law School at a conference sponsored by La Fondation Droit Animal, Éthique et Sciences. I’ll be discussing why it is so difficult to achieve reform for animals in the United States, and, in particular, why so many legislative attempts ultimately fail to be sustained in the courts. From foie gras, to pig slaughter, to shoes made out of kangaroos, why is it so hard to pass laws that “stick?”


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