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My Name is Liz Dee, and I’m an OHHolic

By Visiting Animal — December 03, 2015

Today, OHH board member and supporter, Liz Dee, explains why – when it comes to media that changes the world for animals – she can’t get enough.


My Name is Liz Dee, and I’m an OHHolic

by Liz Dee

My name is Liz Dee, and I’m an OHHolic.

I’m a good listener. On my weekday “reverse commute” from NYC to work in NJ at Smarties Candy Company, the time passes quickly while I listen to brilliant writers, educators, business people and changemakers tell their stories and stimulate my imagination through audiobooks and podcasts. It wasn’t long after going vegan that I discovered the Our Hen House podcast, and it has changed my life so much for the better.

For years now, the Our Hen House signature weekly podcast has entertained, educated and inspired me through many a commute. Jasmin, Mariann and their remarkable guests keep me abreast of the world of animal rights and give me ideas and information regarding what I can do to alleviate animal suffering. The podcast is empowering, indefatigably positive and important for the movement to change the world for animals. It has been an easy choice for me to support the podcast, given how much support it has provided to me. I carry my OHH tote with pride!

Our Hen House is truly one of a kind, offering media content you can’t find anywhere else, and it’s growing. It’s hard to believe that in 2015 alone, OHH has added TWO new podcasts to the repertoire, The Animal Law Podcast and The Teaching Jasmin How To Cook Vegan Podcast, released the important video connecting gay rights and animal rights, Coming Out for Animals, all while regularly publishing articles in the Our Hen House online magazine and adding episodes to the Our Hen House TV show. I really don’t know how they do it, but I’m so glad they do.

The future of Our Hen House is in our hands. OHH creates content that is free to access but not free to create; significant time and resources fuel each and every project. A 501(c)3 nonprofit, Our Hen House relies on supporters to continue creating the important content we know and love.

Now is the time to maximize your impact. Donations before December 31, 2015 are being matched dollar for dollar by our generous Barnyard Benefactors. Please, consider making your end of year donation today, and thank you for all that you do on behalf of animals!

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