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“The Veggie Awards: Where Even The Losers Win Attention For Vegan Fashion” from FORBES

By Press Coverage — January 24, 2017


Excerpt from: “The Veggie Awards: Where Even The Losers Win Attention For Vegan Fashion” @

While Delikate Rayne did not win this year’s competition, they won some high praise from Jasmin Singer, senior editor of VegNews Magazine and author of “Always Too Much and Never Enough.” “Delikate Rayne represents the future of fashion—proving that stylish, sustainable clothing and accessories don’t need to involve any animal products. There is literally an alternative to every kind of animal product out there, and—as Delikate Rayne so effectively and beautifully proves—vegan leather is the only way forward. Their clothes are gorgeous, sustainable, ethically sourced, high-quality, and flattering. I admire the ethos of the company and recognize that the owners are true pioneers in the realm of forward-thinking, earth-friendly fashion.”

Singer continues, “More and more consumers are using the power of voting with their dollars to seek out vegan fashion, which they consider to be not only trend-setting, but fulfilling a moral imperative.” The Veggie Awards are the green economy showcase of the best of the best, helping to get press buzz for those persevering in the creation of cruelty-free natural products.

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