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Yup, it’s December!

By Mariann Sullivan — December 04, 2017

December is here. Wow. Every year it seems to creep up sooner. December means a lot of things to a lot of people. The holidays, the close of another year, endings, beginnings. But for not-for-profits, like Our Hen House, it means one very big thing over everything else. Money.

The vast majority of charitable giving occurs in December. It’s a make or break time of year. So if you care about animals, please remember to include them in your charitable giving this month. There have been a lot of demands on the pocketbooks of generous people this year, with the political landscape exploding, the hurricanes wreaking havoc, etc., etc. It’s been a particularly tough time for animals, who are too often left out of the conversation when so many other things are going on. So please, if you are one of those people who never leave the animals out of the conversation, remember to include them on your list this December.

Of course, we hope you include Our Hen House on that list, since we believe that our podcasts, by connecting and informing the people who care about animals, go a very long way toward helping out the most vulnerable among us. We hope you agree. If you can, we’d especially love if you could join our flock (or renew your membership), so that you can listen not only to the weekly podcast, and the monthly Animal Law Podcast, all of which we provide for free to anyone who wants to listen, but to all the great bonus content that we’ll be providing over the next year JUST to our flock members. You can get a basic flock membership for as little as $100 a year, or just $10 a month. But regardless of the amount you can afford, we are so grateful for your support. Just visit our donate page to find out more.

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