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Animal Law Podcast #43: The Case of the Meaning of “Meat”

By Mariann Sullivan — December 26, 2018

On this episode of the Animal Law Podcast I speak to Amanda Howell, a Staff Attorney at the Animal Legal Defense Fund, about a lawsuit that was recently brought in federal court in Missouri seeking to invalidate, as unconstitutional, a law that prohibits the producers of plant-based and cell-based products from misrepresenting those products as “meat.” The plaintiffs in this case, Tofurky and the Good Food Institute, argue that the language of the law is vague, over-protective, and ineffectual at protecting the public from misleading information.

Amanda Howell’s work at ALDF focuses on combating humane-washing, AgGag laws, and the animal agriculture industry’s attacks on plant-based foods. Prior to joining ALDF, Amanda co-headed the food law practice at the Stanley Law Group—using state consumer protection laws to combat false advertising and deceptive practices. Prior to that, Amanda served as Assistant Director of Litigation at the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Amanda has contributed to the National Association of Consumer Advocates’ Standards and Guidelines publication, the National Consumer Law Center’s Class Actions Manual, and has co-authored an article for the Food and Drug Law Institute’s Food and Drug Policy Forum on “natural” labeling issues.


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