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I Still REALLY Hate Fundraising

By Mariann Sullivan — November 18, 2019

I actually think I’m not supposed to admit that I hate fundraising. But at Our Hen House we strive for transparency, so there it is. I love producing our podcasts. I love interviewing the movers and shakers of the animal rights movement. I love hearing from, and, even better, meeting listeners who have been inspired by the stories they have heard on Our Hen House and the cases they are digging down into on the Animal Law Podcast. I love thinking I am doing my part to change the world for animals. So, I basically love everything I do for Our Hen House. Except fundraising.

I’m going to rethink that though, because the fact is that the absolute BEST feedback we receive is when we receive a donation. When one of you gives us your hard-earned money, I know without a doubt that you get it. You understand that changing the world for animals means getting the word out, means giving a voice, not just to the voiceless, but to the activists and changemakers who do have a voice and who are eager to use them to get the word out about what is happening to animals, and what everyone can do to end the nightmare.

RIGHT NOW, UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR, ALL DONATIONS UP TO $15,000 ARE DOUBLED, because of the generosity of our Barnyard Benefactors. So, please, make the most of this opportunity. If you do, we promise to make the most of our opportunity to give the animals, and the people who care about them, a voice. We try our level best to bring you the best product we can for the least amount of cash, but we can’t do it for free.

We can do this. We can create extraordinary change. Awareness of the horror we inflict on animals is growing at the exact same moment as it’s becoming completely obvious that none of it is necessary. Please help Our Hen House do its job to spread the word!!!


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