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“Kim Kardashian’s epic kitchen tour revealed her ‘plant-based’ diet.” – Yahoo! Lifestyle

By Press Coverage — January 09, 2020

Excerpt of: “Kim Kardashian’s epic kitchen tour revealed her ‘plant-based’ diet.” from Parade

That’s different than vegetarianism, which eliminates poultry, seafood, meat — the flesh itself, basically. And pescatarians, meanwhile, might eat eggs, dairy, or fish, but not red meat or poultry.

Vegans go further. “Veganism is a lifestyle that focuses on the consumption of products that do not rely on the exploitation of animals, whether that’s with food, pharmaceuticals, beauty products or apparel,” Jasmin Singer, author of the forthcoming The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan, tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Therefore, all animal byproducts are off-limits. “You can’t take milk from a cow without that cow included in a system that kills them for meat or denies milk to their babies, who often become veal,” says Singer.

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