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Episode 554: The Vegucated Family Table ft. Marisa Miller Wolfson

By Jasmin and Mariann — August 22, 2020

Jasmin and Mariann open the show with a review of the National Geographic mini-documentary, Akashinga: The Brave Ones, which follows a group of women fighting poachers in Zimbabwe and why they are so committed to the cause of protecting and preserving elephants from extinction. They also discuss the hot-button issue of mask-wearing and how navigating the conversation around this new norm sometimes feels frustratingly like discussions about veganism.

In this week’s Vegan Businesses segment, we’re shouting out VedgeCo, a bulk plant-based food delivery that caters to both consumers and restaurants and sells only products from 100% plant-based brands at discounted bulk rates. We’re also featuring the Southern Roots Vegan Bakery, a Black-owned online vegan baked goods company that recreates southern classics and ships them nationwide from San Antonio, Texas. If there’s a vegan business you think we should know about, go to our Vegan Businesses Support Form and fill it out!

Animal activist Marisa Miller Wolfson is the co-author, along with Laura Delhauer, of The Vegucated Family Table, which provides vegan parents with a comprehensive recipe-filled resource. She is also the creator of Vegucated, the award-winning feature-length documentary that follows three New Yorkers who try a vegan diet for six weeks, and has led workshops and given talks about the ethical vegan lifestyle all over North America.

Marisa joins the show today to delve into why she was inspired to create The Vegucated Family Table as a go-to reference for plant-based parents looking for ways to feed their vegan kids from weaning to elementary school, and why so many folks have reached out to her, eager for the book’s detailed information. As the mother of two, she shares her tips and tricks for introducing new foods to her own children and offers advice on the best way to transition your family to an ethical vegan diet. Marisa also discusses why carnism is currently the mainstream way of eating and why, in addition to her passion for animals, she is deeply committed to fighting climate change through her own vegan lifestyle and by educating others on why it is critical to adapt the way we live to protect our planet.

We want parents to feel good about feeding their kids — if kids eat crap, they act out, and that’s no fun.” – Marisa Miller Wolfson

This Week in Our Hen House:

  • How Marisa’s family and friends helped in creating The Vegucated Family Table
  • Why Marisa loves to bake and how you can see her gorgeous creations
  • How Marisa’s time as a Hurricane Katrina volunteer looking after animals traumatized her
  • The people who helped and supported the creation of the book
  • The difficulty of there being no playbook for what little kids should eat
  • Foods, supplements, and resources that Marisa uses to encourage her children to eat new things.
  • Marisa’s role in Jasmin becoming vegan and beginning her career in animal advocacy
  • How ethical veganism and healthy eating come together in the book
  • The climate crisis and how that affected recipes in the book
  • How looking back gives you perspective for the future
  • Why vegan kids don’t need to miss out at social events
  • The importance of “nooch,” a.k.a., nutritional yeast
  • Why the belief system you model for your children helps provide a moral compass and a healthy guide for the future
  • Why are vegan parents accused of “forcing” their lifestyle on their children?
  • The issues that parents should watch out for to ensure their child is thriving
  • Marisa’s plans for future projects

“The ideals are to make the world a kinder, more sustainable, gentler place.”
– Marisa Miller Wolfson

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