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Animal Law Podcast #72: Wildlife as Property Owners

By Mariann Sullivan — May 26, 2021

On this episode of the Animal Law Podcast, I speak with Professor Karen Bradshaw about her new book, Wildlife as Property Owners: A New Conception of Animal Rights, which has been making quite a splash in the animal law world. It’s not often we get a chance to talk about property law and trusts and estates law on this podcast but that’s what we’ll be doing today, along with some Indigenous and Nature Rights law thrown in. This conversation may just expand your thinking about what is possible for those who are working to protect wild animals.

Karen Bradshaw is a Professor of Law and the Mary Sigler Fellow at Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. She is concurrently a Faculty Affiliate Scholar at the New York University School of Law Classical Liberal Institute and Senior Sustainability Scientist at the Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University. She is also a contributing co-editor of Wildfire Policy: Law and Economic Perspectives. You can connect with her at or KM_Bradshaw on Twitter or km.bradshaw on Instagram.


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