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Episode 613.5: “Antiracism in Animal Advocacy” Audio Series Part II – Introspection

By Jasmin and Mariann — October 14, 2021

Our Hen House is proud to offer you the second episode of the four-part audio series of the groundbreaking book, Antiracism in Animal Advocacy: Igniting Cultural Transformation. Our very own Jasmin Singer is the editor of this new anthology published by Lantern Books and Media, in collaboration with Encompass, Sentient Media, and, of course, Our Hen House.

The book is a collection of essays written by farmed-animal protection advocates who are committed to exploring and prioritizing racial equity as we work to create a more just animal protection movement. We wish to document our stories and processes in an exploratory space from which we can grow and use our words to hold ourselves and our peers accountable, ultimately creating new paths forward.

The second episode of this audio series is labeled Introspection, corresponding with the second section of the print copy of the book. In this episode, we hear from the following four essay authors, each of them sharing their eye-opening experiences:

  • Christopher “Soul” Eubanks (he/him) is a climate, human, and animal rights activist dedicated to doing advocacy work to combat all forms of oppression.
  • Jamie Berger (she/her) is an independent documentary filmmaker and the chief of staff at Mercy For Animals.
  • Unny Nambudiripad (he/him) is a wellness facilitator and animal activist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Malina Tran (she/her) is a software engineer based in Los Angeles, California who writes for Sentient Media, a nonprofit organization that advocates for animal rights.

You can purchase the hard copy of Antiracism in Animal Advocacy: Igniting Cultural Transformation wherever books are sold, or find out more information at

“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.”
—Audre Lorde


This anthology was originally an online collaboration between Encompass, Our Hen House, and Sentient Media, and was titled Encompass Essays: Pursuing Racial Equity in Animal Advocacy. For citations of any of these essays, please visit the online version. Sentient Media is a robust digital platform that publishes thoughtful articles about animal agriculture and its impact on the world (don’t miss Our Hen House’s interview with Sentient Media’s Executive Director, Ana Bradley).

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