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“My apologies to the Kuciniches and the DeGenereses, but I’ve found a new favorite vegan power couple.”, referring to Jasmin and Mariann.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted such touching testimonials! You made us all verclempt! If you want to submit a testimonial, please email Thank you!


“I love what Jasmin and Mariann are doing with Our Hen House. They compile and provide great suggestions for activism and inspire citizens to get involved to make a difference.”

Gene Baur, President and Co-Founder of Farm Sanctuary


Our Hen House is sophisticated, fun, and full of important information for getting things right for animals. Not a minute too soon.”

Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life and The Love-Powered Diet


“Our Hen House is fun, inspiring, educational, and witty. Through their podcast, blog posts, and advice, Jasmin and Mariann bring a sharp, entertaining tongue to the animal protection community.”

– Nathan Runkle, Executive Director, Mercy For Animals


“I am thoroughly amazed at the simultaneous all-encompassing nature of Our Hen House and its total commitment to animal liberation. Jasmin and Mariann have somehow found a way to be a networking hub as well as an information center, a call to activism and a source of entertainment, all at the same time, without compromising their message. Not an easy task, especially in an age of what I call the Easy Listening Approach to Animal Rights.

Constantly helpful and constantly engaging, always informative and right-on in its commentaries (both written and ‘pod-casted’), Our Hen House has quickly become a go-to source for AR activists of all kinds, including this one.

Thanks so much for an incredible resource.”

– Miriam Jones, Eastern Shore Sanctuary and Education Center


Our Hen House is providing important resources in accessible ways, which is a real service to researchers, advocates, and the general public. I’ve very much enjoyed reading posts on the Website and listening to the podcast: engaging and wide-ranging.”

– Mia MacDonald, Executive Director, Brighter Green


“It’s not easy maintaining a sense of humor while fighting the senseless, egregious abuse of the most innocent of victims. Mariann and Jasmin provide some much-needed levity along with a heavy dose of inspiration and tools to make you a better activist. Peruse the website, listen to a podcast, roll up your sleeves, and get to work. The animals are so desperately waiting for your help!”

– Stewart David, President, Carolina Action for Animals


“My life-long goal has been to support myself doing only what I feel is meaningful, important and fulfilling: namely, working in animal protection. Though I have been unprofessionally engaged in the animal protection movement since I was four — when I became a vegetarian — and I am currently studying for my M.S. in nonprofit management, I was always worried this dream would remain unattainable. I am not a person who can afford to have unpaid internships, and I did not know how I would find my niche in animal protection without such an internship. But today I began my internship with Farm Sanctuary and it is all thanks to Our Hen House!

When Jasmin posted about the Animal Welfare Trust’s Student Internship Grant opportunity back in February, I jumped at the opportunity. Through nothing short of a small miracle I managed to get my application in on time, and today I have officially started my professional career in the animal protection movement. THANK YOU, OUR HEN HOUSE!”

– Calla Wright, NYC


“Jasmin, all of the work yourself and Mariann do for Our Hen House and your story of veganism have inspired me in countless ways, just over the last few months. I can’t stop reading and gaining information, checking Our Hen House every day, planning potlucks and beginning with my grassroots efforts (such as leafleting). It feels like much to start with, but the impact your words have had is so intense. Seeing a video posted on Food Fight Grocery’s blog for the Let Live Foundation – I began to see how any efforts towards animal advocacy would help.

Not only should I have went vegan a long time ago, I’m realizing how badly I want to immerse myself in complete activism, devote my life to animals and teaching others to go vegan (at least)! I know I’ve always been vegan at heart, and I completely agree that veganism isn’t just a personal choice, it is wholly a moral imperative! I’ve cried, laughed, spent too much money on stickers and hoodies from Herbivore, already inspired others to look at their choices and sat in awe of my love for animals. Of course I believe that compassion and empathy have changed my outlook, however it is your work and others’ in your network of friends and colleagues that has sparked such a profound difference in the way my life will be lived from now on… Now let’s just see where I can use my skills first…

Thank you with all of my heart.”

– Helena Barber (“a very brand new Chicago vegan”)


“How do I love Our Hen House? Let me count the ways. I love that it fills a void in the animal rights world, providing “one stop shopping” for information and commentary on activism, media, and vegan living. I love that Jasmin and Mariann are authorities without being condescending to their audience, that they are personable and sensitive without forsaking the seriousness of their subject-matter. And I love that I learn something new and unexpected every time I visit.”

– Maya Gottfried, author of Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary (Knopf)


Our Hen House makes making a difference fun. When I visit, I get energized and I always leave feeling more hopeful and recommitted to the struggles ahead. I´m very grateful to Jasmin and Mariann for doing what they do and for being who they are.”

– David N. Cassuto, Professor of Law, Pace Law School; Chief Cook & Bottlewasher, Animal Blawg.


“Who knew that an animal rights podcast could be so much fun? The hilarious sound effects, the charming banter and knowledgable guests who don’t take themselves too seriously while still taking animal advocacy seriously all add up to a winning formula: an informative podcast that you really look forward to listening to. I’ve found myself alternately giggling and tearing up in the most inappropriate public places while listening on the subway, in the elevator, and in the frozen section at Whole Foods. Many thanks to Jasmin and Mariann for making such a helpful, inspiring and, most of all, enjoyable activist resource!”

– Marisa Miller Wolfson, Outreach Director for Kind Green Planet


“I don’t remember life before Our Hen House. This is the only site I need to consult in the morning. I get entertained while I get up-to-date on all that I need to be aware of animal-wise. This in one powerhouse ‘clearinghouse’ for all my video, radio, and quick-bit blog needs!”

– Sarah Gross, Rescue Chocolate


“Every week I listen, I laugh and I learn. Jasmin and Mariann speak about the so many aspects of veganism and animal rights issues in an intelligent and accessible way. Through their humor and wit as well as informative interviews with vegan authors, chefs, fashionistas, activists and more, Our Hen House podcast is encouraging and inspiring to all who listen. It’s light-hearted and fun yet newsy and aspirational, but most importantly, it’s a reminder that every one of us can be part of making a positive change for animals and the planet with every bite (of vegan marshmallows) we take.”

– Jordana Reim, Planet Verge


“Animal advocacy can sometime seem like a daunting and confusing world of conflicting messages, ingredients lists, and too much to do. Thankfully, Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan, the Hens of Our Hen House, have created a one-stop online resource for all things vegan activism. Their new website (and weekly companion podcast) is informative, fun, and inspiring. I am so moved by their dedication to the animals of the world and awed by their ability to remain joyful, lighthearted, and committed despite the myriad challenges we face as activists. Full of news, interviews, events, and more, the Hens have created a really refreshing, safe space in which to find our way to change the world for animals.”

– Jenna McDavid, Living Opposed to Violence and Exploitation (L.O.V.E.)


“Jasmin’s “Veganism to activism” talk in Portland was inspiring! A couple of years ago, I was told by an experienced accountant that if I ever ‘can’t decide what to be when I grow up’, I should become an accountant. I’ve thought about it on and off since then, but never very seriously. Jasmin’s talk got me thinking about it again – and this time seriously. I realized that accounting would be a great skill to sell AND to share, so I started looking into schools for the first time later that week.

I am currently a receptionist at a small business that has plans to expand. Two weeks after Jasmin’s talk, my boss asked me where I see myself with the company and what my career goals are. I told her that I was looking into accounting school and she said that if I decided to pursue it, she would like to put me in an accounting position when the business expansion happens. Having an offer like that made the decision to get more student loans a bit easier, and I started my first accounting class today. I am already looking forward to the day that I can use the skills I am learning to help out animal rights organizations and vegan businesses!
Thanks for the inspiration Jasmin!”

– Cera LaFleur, Portland, OR


“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every podcast episode of Our Hen House. The stories and interviews have made me laugh, tear up at times and made me think seriously about the choice I make. I’ve been vegetarian for several years now, but have still had eggs and dairy from time to time. Something Jasmin said in one particular podcast really struck me. She was speaking about the graphic footage of factory farms and how often people will say, ‘I can’t watch it!’ Jasmin said if that’s the case, ‘then don’t eat it!; It’s so true! It’s really a no-brainer. Since hearing that podcast I have not had another egg. I’m working towards cutting out all dairy too. Thank you for your podcast! It’s wonderful to have a weekly inspirational and fun reminder of why the choices we make are so important.”

– Rachel Duvall, Oriens Healing Sanctuary


“Every time I talk to Jasmin and Mariann I am motivated to do more for animals! Our Hen House is like an espresso shot of inspiration and energy that is so important to our movement”

-Matt Rice, NYC Campaign Coordinator, Mercy for Animals


“You guys always blog about the most awesome things and ideas! I love OHH. This blog is especially great because anyone with an internet connection can be an activist for free!”

-Sandi Swiss, Naperville, IL


Thanks again!

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